Regardless of whether you’re in a career, have a job or are a student. LinkedIn can be a vital resource for networking and helping you achieve your professional goals. Even if you’re unsure of what those goals are right now. Your LinkedIn profile is a place to show off all your achievements and successes. I often use it to update what work I’m doing when interning – so when recruiters look at it, they can see exactly what I’m doing.

Who are you?

LinkedIn is first and foremost, a social network. This means you can use the platform to show who you are in a professional capacity. You can post about what you’re doing in life, whether that’s a job, internship or volunteering. There’s also spaces for projects and you can add media and links. Any recruiter who looks at your profile, should be able to find out about what kind of person you are from your profile.


Whenever you have a new job, new internship or go volunteering you’re going to meet new people. These people are great for you to keep into contact with, as in the future you might be able to help them, or they may be able to help you. You can also see who your connections know and ask to be introduced to others who may be able to help you in your career goals.


It’s always important to be visible online. So many people now will search you before you even get an interview. Being able to show your achievements online means that you always a presence for when you do want to start looking for a job. I’ve had some people already contact me on LinkedIn about future career possibilities so it is really useful.

Up To Date

Keeping it up to date is vital. That CV you sent out 3 months ago might already be out of date. You may have gotten an internship, a part-time job, started volunteering. Anyone who has the link to your profile will see what you’ve done since you’ve sent your CV.

Business Knowledge

There’s groups on LinkedIn and you can also follow people within the sector you want a career in. This means a lot of information can be gained directly from people or through discussions. You can also reach out to ask questions. Increasing your knowledge of the sector will ultimately help you when you graduate.

My LinkedIn

You can check out my profile here.

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The third book of The Mortal Instruments is City of Glass, which acts as the finale for the first trilogy. Thankfully, City of Glass if full of answers. Plus, with the two previous books, it wraps up nicely into a trilogy. I did read the second trilogy in the series as well. But I enjoyed having a ‘break’ as I could read other books and then jump back into this world.

City of Glass Book

I loved that City of Glass moved from New York to Alicante in this book. The change in scenery gave us a lot more world building. It also gave us a chance to push Clary even further out of her comfort zone. Clary showed us what she can do on her own. Which I personally think, is a lot better. I also enjoyed the insight into the Clave. In the previous books, the Clave was made to look slightly inept, so seeing how it was run answered a lot of questions.

The characters have definitely grown. You can clearly see the differences in their behaviors throughout City of Glass. Clary, although still impulsive, does start to listen to other people as she realises her actions are affecting those around her. Which makes her a bit more likeable. Some have also been developed more. Especially Isabelle who is brought out a bit more and explored as a person. This a lot more bearable than her being the girl Clary dislikes just because she’s pretty.

The ending of the book was the biggest issue for me. The defeat of Valentine was overly easy? It also made me think about whether anything Clary, Jace, Alec etc did anything within the three books really had any input to this. For example, some of the action in previous books was unnecessary. Valentine would have ultimately ended up at the same place anyway, without their trying. Therefore, I’m unsure as to why some of the problems needed to occur. Did anyone else feel this way?

The epilogue was a nice way to wrap up the end of the book. Although, as I know there’s a fourth book I’m definitely reading a lot into the seelie queen interaction. I also think is very very over the top happy ending style, and I’m not sure how this will affect my reading of City of Fallen Angels.


A very typical blogger kind of post today. I decided to show you guys my MAC Lipstick Collection. It’s only small though, as I rarely stray away from my favourite nude shades.

Velvet Teddy

I got Velvet Teddy because everyone was saying it was the perfect nude shade. Unfortunately, those people are more tan than me and it actually looks strangely dark on me.

Shanghai Spice

Shanghai Spice is my all time favourite lipstick for my everyday looks. This is my perfect nude shade, I finally managed after years of looking to find something right for my skintone.

Viva Glam

Because I loved Miley Cyrus so much, I bought her Viva Glam MAC Lipstick. This so bright I rubbed it off within seconds the first time I tried it. But now I use it lightly just to add a bit of colour.


On the opposite hand to Velvet Teddy we have Myth. This one makes my lips look too pale compared to my face. Although it is good to mix with brighter colours to tone them down a bit.


The second book of The Mortal Instruments Series, The City of Ashes, was my least favourite book of the original trilogy. This review will be non-spoilers except for the end (which I will tell you when) where I will discuss a particular plot point. This point was what made me dislike this book over the other ones. I’d watched the TV show so I did know the ending to the problem that arised, but it still made it so difficult for me to read. But I still enjoyed the book as a whole, and continued reading the series.

I enjoyed the exploration of Jace and his fathers relationship. It was something I could really think about, and it there was depth and confusion. I just really enjoyed how Clare wrote Jace’s struggle with the information. This was a stark contrast to how I felt about Jace and Clary’s changing relationship, which I just did not care for in this book.

City of Ashes had a lot of filler information packed into it. We find out a lot about the werewolves, vampires and faeries. Which I loved. The descriptions of the Seelie court excited because I love books about the fey. I also enjoyed insights into how vampires ‘work’ and the same about the werewolves. I really wanted to see more of the secondary characters such as Raphael, Luke, Maia etc. in this book, just because they were so interesting from what we did see.

You can tell the writing is getting better, as Clare is falling into her own style more in this book. It’s still very easy to read, I read this book in about a day because I just didn’t want to put it down. Except for some chapters which I will tell you about after the ‘spoilers’ line.  After reading the first two books, I was definitely ready to read the next one, so I’m happy I got the box set instead of individuals.


Spoilers beyond this point

The whole incest thing annoyed me so damn much. It didn’t really affect the story, other than Clare wanted to put in some tension between the couple. Apparently the love triangle just wasn’t a strong enough trope for this. This isn’t like in Game of Thrones where the Lannister incest actual drove the story from the beginning either, it’s pretty useless. All things considered, it could have been cut with a different tension created instead. It made it really difficult tor read. I actually nearly stopped watching the TV show because I struggled with this point and the same happened with the book. Luckily I knew what was going to happen so I continued. But, it was still difficult to understand these characters in City of Ashes.


For a while now I’ve been looking at the Kindle Unlimited section of Amazon, but I really didn’t want to pay more on top of my Prime membership. Now they’ve came out with Prime Reading* which gives access to books, comics and magazines. Prime Reading is free for all current Prime members as well as any new members.

Amazon Prime users can now read thousands of books for free with Prime Reading

The book selection is a lot smaller than that of Kindle Unlimited, but there’s still plenty of books of interest. A lot of the books also seem to be a first in the series. So if you want to read a series you get a free first book to see if you like it. I went through some of the options and second books don’t seem to be available for prime, but are through unlimited. So Prime Reading must be Amazon’s way to get people to sign up to Unlimited through a ‘taster’.

I’m not fully sure how you would get your book into the ‘Prime Reading’ area, but I think it’s a fantastic way for authors and publishers to introduce people to a series. So just looking through now, I’ve added multiple books to my TBR which I will probably buy the rest of the series if I like them.

Here are some of my choices:

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Ink Mage* by Victor Gischler

The Gender Game* by Bella Forrest

Enchantress* by James Maxwell

Spirit Legacy* by E.E Holmes

Atopia Chronicles* by Matthew Mather

The Paper Magician* by Charlie N. Holmberg


Ruined* by Sophia Stafford

The Concealed* by Sarah Kleek

Fantasy of Frost* by Kelly St Clare

Dragon Marked* by Jaymin Eve

Under Different Stars* by Amy A. Barton

Gateway to Fourline* Pam Brondos

Comics and Graphic Novels

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers*

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal*

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck*

Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 (Alias)*

New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout*

Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 1: Gifted*

Mystery and Thriller

The Light of the Fireflies* by Paul Pen

The Thief Taker* by C.S. Quinn

Junkie*by Heather C. Leigh

Huntress Moon* by Alexandra Sokoloff

Abducted*by T.R. Ragan

The Gemini Effect* by Chuck Grossart

Do you have Amazon Prime and think you’re going to utilise the new reading function?


*affiliate links have been used.