“This simple cream works like a dream on upset skin: cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil calm down hot and itchy skin. That’s why it’s one of our bestsellers, with many of you telling us it gives great relief from eczema. We steep oats in hot water to make oat milk. Oats have long been used to treat eczema and cool skin down as they contain antihistamines, and we’ve added extra nourishment in the form of rose water, cocoa butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, and vegetable glycerine.”


I got this cream as I had heard some great things about how it helped eczema and I had a really bad patch on my leg that just wouldn’t leave. With the help of dream cream I was able to lessen the dryness and itchiness of this patch, although I was still using my emollient gel to seal the moisture into the skin. I also have to note that it doesn’t help get rid of the eczema it just alleviates the itchy symptoms and dryness and so a prescribed hydro-cortisone cream had to be used on this particular patch to fully get rid of it.

The really good thing about this particular lotion is that even though it has a strong smell to it, which I was initially worried about, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I also use this after shaving as it has calming properties and so works well to lessen shaving rash. I wouldn’t recommend using it in a morning ritual as it does take some time to properly sink into the skin and so will rub off on clothes if they’re put on too soon. Often I will slather some of this over my legs at the beginning of my night ritual so that its sunk in enough when I do finally get into bed.

Cost: £6.50 for a 100g tub Buy it here


My skin is oft prone to breakouts as I have combination skin. When I’m trying to combat sensitivity, dryness and oiliness it’s a struggle to find a good product. Lush Mask of Magnaminty is one of these products. It works just right to get rid of spots without making my skin feel dry or oily. When I first bought Lush Mask of Magnaminty it wasn’t self preserving. I’m so excited they now do have a self-preserving one as I continue to use it so often. It’s great for combating acne and dry skin.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

The first impression as you open the pot is the smell of mint. I dont know about you, but I always think mint is refreshing as soon as I smell it. Lush Mask of Magnaminty is a thick mask with rough parts to help exfoliate the skin. I use it differently, depending on how bad my skin is. Sometimes I will just use it on problematic areas, other times I’ll put it all over my face. It’s also good to use if you have problem areas on your back or chest.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty is quite messy. I normally use a face cloth to wash it off as it helps to exfoliate even more whilst not making even more of a mess. This is definitely one of my favourite products and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Cost: £10.95 for a 315g pot Buy it here
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I’m always looking out for new skincare products – especially with my sensitive skin. After smelling the cocktail fragrance I knew I needed Lush Ocean Salt as my next product. Unfortunately, I realised right away that it was too harsh for my face. My skin felt dry, red and tight after use. Between the citrus and the alcohol, my face just wasn’t happy. This is one of my biggest issues with ‘face and body’ products as my face is always a lot more sensitive than the rest of my body.

Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub

Since I had already purchased it I might aswell keep trying it. I used it on my legs first as a prep before shaving. I soon found that it worked really well on my eczema. It stung quite a bit, but alcohol and citrus would hurt on open skin. I think that the removal of the dry skin plus the antibacterial properties allowed my eczema to heal over faster. Especially when paired with Lush Dream Cream after drying off. I would recommend this only as a body scrub but also for anyone who has excessive dry skin, just make sure you stop using it if you do get a reaction.

I’m sure Lush Ocean Salt would work well as a face scrub for someone with less sensitive skin. But, I dont think using a scrub quite as harsh as this would be good anyway. The salt parts are quite rough and so perfect for getting rid of dry skin, but not so good on normal skin.

Cost: £14.95 for a 250g pot Buy it here


Lush is one of those shops I cant just look around in. I always pick something new up to try, or something I already know I love ‘just in case’ I’m running out. I heard about Lush Roots being really good for thin and fine hair, and so I decided to try it out. It’s like a short term hair masque – you leave it on for about 10-20 minutes and then wash your hair as normal. Because of this, I normally use it at the same time as a face mask. So it’s perfect for when you’re having a full on pamper session. Roots has a minty smell and as you massage it into your head, it can really relax you. I personally use it at least once a fortnight.

Lush Roots hair treatment

Roots, unlike many products, doesn’t seem to weigh the hair down. My hair looks and feels sleeker and smoother after use. But, never heavy. I’m prone to getting a lot of knotted hair near my neck, and I think this has helped resolve this. The hair doesn’t seem to tangle up as much, or as easy when I’ve used Roots. It’s also a lot easier to detangle as the hair is smoother. A lot of other reviewers stated that the had hair growth/thickening but I didn’t notice any of these changes. It does make your hair look a lot healthier though.

Cost: £10.75 for a 225g pot Buy it here

Do you have any suggestions for other products perfect for thin and fine hair?