Taking some inspiration from lowkeydarling’s goals list I decided to create my own goals with the target date being my birthday which is the 9th November. So a lot of these are going to be goals about increasing engagement on this blog and my social channels just as a way to give myself a 6 week challenge type of motivation to keep them all updated as my Twitter is brand new and my Instagram is poorly neglected.

  1.  Write content every day – I want to put myself in the habit of writing and so writing every day is good as even if it’s awful I can save it to drafts and come back to the idea at a later date to write it better. But if it’s good I have a new post to share with you guys!
  2. Make a daily habit of using both Twitter and Instagram as currently I have neglected my social media for this blog.
  3. I’m aiming to increase my Instagram following to 500+ so I can join in more with the blogging community on Instagram with mutual following and also try and improve engagement about my blog posts in the comments!
  4. Try and get involved in bblogger etc chats at least once a week to again join in with the community feel that so many bloggers I follow talk about.
  5.  Find new blogs to follow as I feel like most the blogs I currently follow are the bigger and more famous bloggers, I really want to find people similar to me so we can help each other grow and develop as bloggers.
  6. Work on my blog for at least 1 hour a day – at least 5 days a week!
  7. Read blogs everyday as a way to see what everyone else is hyped about and to gain inspiration and to give my own opinions on the topics to help engage with the blogs I follow.
  8. I really want to be able to create a blog roll of some of my favourite and inspiring bloggers during the next month or so, just so in my head I have a clear heading of where I want to go with my own blog.
  9. Use Pinterest for inspiration more!
  10. Follow more positive people on Twitter and Instagram, comment your insta and twitter handles below so I can check out your feeds!
  11. Read more for my other blog Urban Oracle which is a book review blog!
  12. Do a Boots haul with the £100 gift card I got from the company I interned at.
  13. Hopefully I’ll figure out my Uni budget and see if I can afford to invest in a domain and a design for my blog!
  14. Create a ‘stock photo’ gallery so I always have an image for posts like this!
  15. Learn more about SEO and how to optimise my blog!
  16. Optimise my blog!
  17. By the end of this 6 weeks I want to be able to post 3 times a week!
  18. I want to grow my monthly views by 50%!
  19. Make some friends in the blogging community. Dont be scared and DM me on twitter!
  20. Most of all I need to figure out exactly what I want this blog to be – at the moment I’m winging it slightly and I’m not quite sure what is working or not working. Hopefully once I get my own domain I can use google analytics to help see what is working more.

So that’s my goals/wishes, what do you hope to achieve in the next 6 weeks?


Okay so as any one who follows me on twitter knows, I’ve moved into a studio flat for my 2nd year at uni and so I thought I’d give a little tour of my own place. As I’m a 2nd year student I got a place in privately owned accommodation rather than university owned and the reason why I stayed in accommodation rather than renting a house like many others is that I like to have my own space and the accommodation was much cheaper than renting a flat.

bed I have a double bed which is right up against these huge and wonderful windows (A lifesaver when trying to wake myself up in the morning) with a TV on the wall and there’s also a bedside table which you cant really see in this photo. As you can see I like having my cushions and throws on my bed and you probably recognize my cream throw as the background to most of my images.


Here’s my kitchen area which has plenty of cupboard space and you can see I’ve put my cacti in the middle just to brighten up the place with some plants.


This area is my pride and joy and these are two IKEA clothes racks which I put up myself (still slightly proud as i’m really awful at any diy stuff) and they hold nearly all my clothes as the built in wardrobe just wasn’t big enough. My shoe collection also sits underneath the bottom bar so it’s definitely my favourite area, plus can you tell what my favourite colour to wear is?desk

I also put up the mirror (which I’m even more impressed at because I didn’t manage to smash it by accident) and I have a small desk which holds my printer, stationary and also my makeup collection. I also have a very empty pin board, hopefully i’ll start filling that up soon.


Although I did academically well in my first year I look back on somethings and wish I’d done them differently. I created ‘new years’ resolutions for university so that I can look back and see what I’ve achieved.

  1. Look for, apply for and get a placement for my 3rd year of university. – I applied for the 4 year course for Marketing and Management and so I always knew I would need to find a placement. The issue is I’m still unsure of what I really want to do after university. This means I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking soon when applying.
  2. Start working out and eat better. – Yes I know this is a cliche resolution but last year I barely cooked any vegetables and fruit was not a necessity on my shopping list. Living 5 minutes away from all my lectures really didn’t lend to my lack of exercise either. This year I’ll be living in a studio flat with a free gym within the building which I am aiming to make use. I’m also going to buddy up with a friend in the building to eat healthier.
  3. Work on my time management and organisation skills. – Last year I often left my essays and revision to last minute and so I got unbelievably stressed about it. This year I want to organise my time and start earlier to reduce stress and hopefully help improve my grades.

I thought it would be nice to share my goals with you even if this post is a bit off-topic. Thank you for reading my blog!


As I made a wishlist of what I wanted in beauty products this season, I also wanted to create a wishlist for what I want clothes wise! As I’m now back in the city centre for uni it should be much easier for me to pop around and grab some of these (My poor poor bank account).


First is this super cute All Saints Aleida Blazer which I probably wont get as it’s a bit out of my student budget – but a girl can dream (and hopefully find a cheaper version somewhere else *fingers crossed*).

685200_rolloverI’ve also fell in love with this embroidered bomber from River Island! A light jacket is exactly what I need as the season shifts to cooler weather.Image 2 of FRAYED TWEED SHIRT from ZaraI’m a big fan of shirts so this gorgeous frayed detail shirt was straight on my list! Zara really does have some gorgeous pieces.

Image 2 of EMBROIDERED VELVET JACKET from ZaraAnother piece from Zara because did I tell you they have some gorgeous pieces in right now? This embroidered velvet jacket just looks so comfy as well as looked great!

Some more embroidery? Yes please! I thought with these I could try some mom jeans and embroidered denim all in one go from Topshop.

So what’s on your wishlists this at the moment?


As Autumn is upon us I decided to create a wishlist for what I want to try or buy this autumn (Or get ready to subtlety hint as it’s my birthday soon). A lot of these are products I’ve heard a lot about online or my friends have tried it and loved it so I just want to try myself.

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Eye Gel


ABH Glow Kit Sweets


Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Lip Kit


Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder



Anyone else putting these on your wishlist? What are you looking forward to trying?

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