The one thing that I find most synonymous with Halloween is the  films that are shown on TV leading up to and on the 31st. Just the thought of cuddling up with blankets, a hot drink and shutting out the cold autumn in the evenings makes me remember how much I love autumn. (Which I forget a LOT when I’m walking into uni everyday). So here’s some of my favourite Halloween films:

1. Halloweentown series

Can any Halloween film list really miss out the Halloweentown series?  A childhood favourite with fond memories makes the series one of the most unforgettable.

2. Hocus Pocus

Again, a childhood memory brings me back to this film! Also did you see Bette Midler totally bossing it as Winnie again?

3. The Nightmare before Christmas

It also gets me hyped for Christmas!

4. Corpse Bride

Who doesn’t love Tim Burton?

5. Shaun of the Dead

I have a strange love for Simon Pegg films and this was the first.

6. The Craft

You cant go wrong with the 90’s and witches.

7. Double Double Toil and Trouble

Always loved Mary Kate and Ashley so of course Double Double Toil and Trouble would make the list.

8. The Addams family (and Addams family values)

Who could forget the Addams Family?

9. Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock, that is all.

10. Ghostbusters

Hmm will it be the old favourite or will the reboot be on my watch list this year?



What are you planning on watching tonight?


There’s been countless debates about whether or not having a part time job is helpful or a hinderance while you’re at university. I’m personally firmly in the a part time job is a positive thing for students camp!

One of the main reasons is money. If you actually need money because your loan isn’t covering your living costs (which a lot of people struggle with) or whether you just want some extra cash a part time job is the way to go. Not only can you gain a regular income with a part time job, you can also put in on your CV for after graduation. A lot of retail or hospitality jobs have transferable skills such as time management, team work and customer service! So most employers will favour you over someone with no experience at all.

Your part time job can also be relevant to your future career goals and so may look even more favourable on your CV! You can often use the internet to find relevant paid work experience and your university may even have a scheme to help you. I go to Newcastle uni and they have a work experience scheme which pays you £700 over one term for working 100 hours!

The big downside to a part time job is the chance it could negatively impact your academic studies. Now this point I think depends on 1) how many hours and 2) what kind of person you are. If you’re quite good at time management and organisation or you can learn fast then I dont think this is a problem. I personally worked 24 hours over 6 days every week for my whole 1st semester and although I was fairly tired I still did well in my assignments.

Working a part time job can also show any future employers that you have independence as you haven’t been living off other peoples money (such as parents or grandparents) and could also show you’re reliable as you’ve spent so many years with one company. Since I’ve started working I’ve gained a lot more confidence due to constantly talking to customers, as well as having to learn to communicate with other staff! Being able to pull myself out of my introverted shell is a necessity before I go into the ‘real’ working world.

An issue I found is that it cuts into a lot of social time, especially if it’s evenings you’re working. This is more of an issue for freshers as they’re trying to make friends in their first semester but it can affect all years. I found that cutting back from 6 days a week to just weekends allowed me more time for socialising, uni work and just relaxing in general.

Another point to add is having a part time job and multiple commitments helps you ready yourself for the ‘real world’. Often you will have to juggle multiple commitments and you’ll never have as much free time as you do at university to practice your time management skills.

Overall my opinion is that a part time job is necessary for personal growth, professional development and pushing yourself to be truly independent while living away from home.




As someone who is really (really, really) pale skinned I find it quite hard to find highlighters that actually stand out. I also find it difficult to find foundations but that’s a post for another day! Out of my collection of highlighters I’ve found that I use a few but for different occasions depending on how noticeable I want the highlight. So let’s get to talking about which ones my favourite!


Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand

The Smashbox Highlighting Wand was actually the first highlighter I’d ever bought. I found the liquid aspect to be quite hard to work with, as even though it comes with inbuilt brush it often ‘disappears’ once blended. To combat this I learnt to ‘pat’ it on but it often created a strange texture to it so I wasn’t happy with it for day looks. Another issue is that it’s quite a thick formula and so it can get quite tacky when in the brush. The brush also needs cleaning which I forget about whenever I clean my normal brushes which is such a pain!

Makeup Revolution Highlighterrevolutionhighlightrr

Eeeek. For £3 you can’t really complain but you literally cant complain about this little masterpiece. You may have to put quite a lot on the brush but it works wonderfully! I’ve had so many compliments about a natural highlight look with this. Plus its slightly pink so it blends well with my blush. Great for everyday looks and for going out!

Benefit Shy Beamshy-beam1rr

Shy beam is matte and so doesn’t seem to show up on my skin much but I’m sure it would work for darker tones! It’s also got a slightly pinker tone than any of the others so I guess it could work as a slight blusher/tint. I got it in a Benefit box set and so I’m quite glad I didn’t waste money on buying it.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighterbodyshop-highlightrr

Fairly similar to the Smashbox Highlighter but with more of a pink tone rather than a gold. I find it doesn’t create a very strong highlight and so is decent for my everyday looks. The consistency is also rather thin so it doesn’t start to cake or feel tacky on the skin. I find it often rubs off my face by the end of the day.

Kiko Radiant Touch Stick Highlighterkiko-higlighter

As it’s a stick the Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter is very thick and creamy, which is a strong contrast the the rest of the list. I can’t use this at all if i’m using my matte foundation as it rubs it off slightly but it works pretty well with liquids! I find that this also doesn’t show up well on my skin but that probably is just because I’m so pale.


From left to right: Smashbox, Revolution, Benefit, Body Shop, Kiko.

As you can probably tell the Revolution highlighter is my strong favourite, and I often use it on a day-to-day basis. Then it’s the Smashbox highlighter which I use mainly for nights out! I never really use the Benefit or the Body Shop highlighters anymore, but I’ll occasionally pick up the Kiko one!


What are your favourite highlighters?


Last week I was talking about the Naked Smokey palette and this week I thought I’d explain why I prefer the Naked2 Basics Palette. I use this palette almost everyday and since I got in over a year ago now it’s lasted really well. As you can see from the photos it doesn’t look like I’ve used it a lot. The shades are also very subtle in difference and so it’s fairly hard to go wrong when doing your make-up!


One of the factors is the Naked2 Basics Palette is a lot smaller and easier to fit into my makeup bag/handbag. It’s smaller because it only has 6 shades, although I personally find them a lot more versatile to use. ‘Undone’ is the only shade which doesn’t get much use, and that’s purely because it’s too dark for my skin tone – but it works well to touch up eyeliner! Skimp is slightly shimmery but the rest are matte so I can create a natural day look with these and then for nightime looks I usually add the Kiko Cosmetics Metallic Shine eye shadow to make it shimmer.


Another great thing is that the colours are easily blendable and buildable yet don’t transfer off throughout the day. As someone who’s often out of the house by 9 and sometimes not back until 7 this is a great easy to use palette!

Dont forget to look at the other palettes I use in my collection post.


After months of walking past the Kiko Cosmetics store on my way to work I finally decided to have a look at what their products were like. After lusting over the mass of lipsticks, eye shadows and any other product you could possibly need I picked up this collection:


First was this bronzer in shade 01 technical honey which was part of the sale and so is no longer available online. Because of this bronzer being matte I usually use it as a faint contour as its not too dark for my skin tone. It’s got a sickly sweet smell which can sometimes be too much but often the smell doesn’t transfer to your face which is great! This compact also has one of the best mirrors I’ve ever had and so this bronzer usually holds a place in my travel makeup bag.


This Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter intrigued me as I wasn’t sure well a stick highlighter would work. I was pleasantly surprised although it is slightly harder to blend than both cream and powder formulas. It’s not too pink either which is something I’ve found a lot of highlighters to be.


Athough not bought in the sale this green primer is also unavailable on the website. I’m not surprised as it didn’t seem to work at all. The ‘green’ just blended into the skin without lessening redness as I was told in store. The primer part is also questionable as it seemed to make my skin feel greasy and my makeup seemed to rub of faster? Overall I think Kiko must have realised it wasn’t that great and pulled it from their range.


This water eye shadow in 201 rosy taupe looked really great for an everyday use as it’s rosy yet not too bright (for me anyway). You can use this both wet and dry although wet definitely increases the intensity. It’s a great consistency and I often use it! Definitely a must buy for any new Kiko customer.


Metallic shine eye shadow in 01 superb beige was also bought for the versatility in day time looks. Unfortunately this shadow wasn’t that pigmented so it’s used more as a base rather than on its own. It works well to add shimmer over the top of other colours as well, so I will often add it to the brown of my Naked Basics palette if I’m going out.



Overall I was quite happy with Kiko even with some dud products, but I will probably do a bit more research on products before buying them next time!

Anyone else had a good or bad experience with Kiko Cosmetics?