As an introvert, I often find that when I’m constantly around people I feel physically exhausted. I often get questioned when I say I want to spend some time alone on my day off uni and work by friends and family. Is there really a stigma about people being on their own? Being alone does not mean being lonely! People need to see that spending time and doing things on your own can actually be good for you, and not just for introverts either!

Being on your own means you have more time with your own thoughts. You can know yourself much better by learning to understand what you want to do rather than go along with others all the time. Doing things you want to do will ultimately lead you to live a much happier life. Now I’m not saying don’t do things with your friends and family, but do take time to try that new restaurant even if no one else wants to. Really allow yourself to become independent, you cant rely on others to go with you forever.

Increasing your productivity is another great benefit. I absolutely love when I get a day off and I can just spend the whole day getting my to-do list checked off without any interruptions or people moving your attention to something else. Spending time to do things beneficial to your life is also an important part of time alone, for example pampering yourself and relaxing is vital for your emotional health. I personally find that I’m able to de-stress myself a lot more when I’m alone in my flat rather than staying with friends or family and I’m sure many others will find it more helpful as well.

I know most people may live with other people and being alone is much harder to do than when you live alone, but scheduling in just an hour a day may make your day a bit more relaxing or productive than it would’ve otherwise.

How do you find spending time alone?



*Spoiler Alert – Read after watching!*

As soon as I saw the Warner Brothers logo I was thrown straight back into childhood memories of watching Harry Potter at the Cinema and so Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had me hooked.

Image result for fantastic beasts and where to find them

It starts in 1926 where Newt Scamander (played perfectly by Eddie Redmayne) gets off the a boat in New York with a suitcase full of magical beasts. After accidentally swapping his suitcase with a n0-maj called Jacob he’s on the search for his beasts with the help of  Tina and Queenie. During his time in New York he’s wrapped up into something much bigger after getting on the wrong side of MACUSA, and especially Mr Graves.

As an avid fan of Harry Potter I’ve been awaiting Fantastic Beasts since it was announced and I was so happy that for my birthday one of my friends bought me tickets. Although I was sceptical as to whether it would be good enough compared to the rest of the Potter Franchise I was pleasantly surprised.

I enjoyed the characters a lot, Eddie Redmayne plays a unusually intorverted and slightly nervous Newt which makes him instantly lovable and I was able to connect and feel for him. I also enjoyed Jacob Kowalski who was the first muggle (sorry I mean no-maj) who has been portrayed within the Harry Potter universe for more than a few minutes and also in a positive way. The aspiring baker becomes Newts companion and friend along with Tina and Queenie.

The CGI beasts were wonderful to see, and extremely well done. I was super excited to see some of the beasts such as a niffler which wasn’t shown in the Potter films. The cheeky niffler is what started most of the film off and it was wonderfully created.

Although I really enjoyed the story line, and it would be great for most ages I found that I was guessing what was going to happen for a couple of the big plot points. The first plot point to do with who was the obscurial was slightly obvious as soon as the film decided to push you to think it was Modesty. Not sure if it was just me or people who watch a lot of film (Maybe it’s just the PLL fan in me?) but as soon as the film makes you believe its Modesty you know it wont be.

The other plot point which was actually really subtly done was guessable after the majority of the film. Grindelwald being Graves this whole time was quite clear looking back, but you could tell by the same hair cut, the use of the deathly hallows sign and the give away comments which Graves says to Newt. For this one, I have to say it had more to do with the press telling us Johnny Depp would be in it than the film, as without that indicator I probably wouldn’t have thought about it as much.

I also have so many questions after this though so I cant wait for the second film. Some of my questions are:

  • Who is Percival Graves? Was he a real person and did Grindelwald do a Moody/Crouch impersonation? or did Grindelwald create the persona and work his way up to become Director of Magical Security?
  • Did Jacob remember at the end of the film or not? Clearly his subconscious rembered parts but does he remember Newt, Tina and Queenie?
  • What did Grindelwald mean by ‘Will we all die a little’?
  • Do you think Arianna Dumbledore was an obscurial? Did Grindelwald know this and is that why he’s in North America with an interest in them?
  • Who is Leta Lestrange?? What was Newt’s relationship with her and what happened to alienate them from each other?
  • Is Credence actually gone? and who is he really? Does Modesty have powers since she had a wand under her bed?
  • Is Newt just in the wrong place and the wrong time to meet Grindelwald or is there something going on? Dumbledore’s master planning maybe?

For £27 this Chanel Eyeliner is really expensive, especially compared to my usual liner but I bought it as a treat for myself after handing in my assignments. Now, I’m sure you’re still pretty baffled by the price BUT after having it for months it’s well worth the price! One thing is that it’s not dried out and it’s been about 7 months? which is amazing for a felt liner as all my previous ones were dry within 3!

Chanel Liquid Eyeliner.jpg

Another great thing is that it’s still got a sharp end and allows me to have a sharp flick! This was again another problem with other felt liners as they got older and the tip started to flatten and split. The only problem I have is that sometimes when I’m going back over part of my lid it will ‘move’ the eyeliner that’s there and leave a gap? Now this is insanely annoying and I have to use a different eyeliner – usually a pencil – to fill in this part.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the eyeliner:

A photo posted by Becky (@uptownoracle) on

What’s your favourite eyeliner? Do you find felt liners have the same problems I’ve had?



As a 2nd year student I manage my money pretty well but I still get quite a few problems when I’m not firm with myself of whether I really need something or when I decide to splash out. Here’s my list of how I manage to save money at university despite these slight setbacks:

  • I often shop in the evening/afternoon when I’m on my way home as I can utilise the reductions of the day. Most times this just means getting a reduced meal deal offering. But sometimes I get lucky and find some mince or other meat which I can freeze for a later date. I also try to use own brands as most of these are a lot cheaper and don’t taste much different anyway. Also poundland, wilkos etc are really good for shelf products and cleaning!
  • If my loan comes in a lot earlier than when I need to pay rent I place it straight into my savings account so 1) I cant spend it and 2) because it may earn interest (rarely). This works well as unlike a lot of my friends I don’t go out and blow my loan and then need to use money I don’t have to pay rent.
  • To save money on clothes and makeup I often ask for them Christmas or Birthday presents anyway. Sometimes though you need to buy something new and so I utilise TopCashback or Quidco to save. Student discounts are also really good to save a bit of money so always ask!
  • Getting loyalty cards is also great. For example I use Subway a lot as it’s on my way home from work when usually I don’t want to cook. In this case every so often I get one for free which is a good as I would be buying it anyway. Don’t get loyalty cards though if you’re only using them because you have one as this isn’t really saving you anything.
  • You may have access to free prescriptions and dental care with a HC2 Certifcate so enquire at your pharmacist or dental practice to save!
  • If you’re living at home for the 3 months of Summer then don’t forget to get your TV License refunded!
  • One of the biggest tips though is to budget what you have coming in on how much you can afford to spend per week. Depending on whether you have a job and have a regular income this can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re living off the loan but you just have to be a bit strict with yourself.


What do you do to try and save some money?


It cant just be me who see’s the latest ‘must have’ mascara and get overly excited that maybe my lashes may look long? Well I get sucked into the ads and the hype every time and pick up a new mascara even though I’ve got so many already opened. Here’s a collection of 5 of my favourites, but which one is the best?

Max Factor False Lash Effect

false-lash-effectMax Factors False Lash Effect is the only mascara on this list which isn’t black! Although I’m fair skinned and ginger I dont really care for anyone who tells me I shouldn’t wear black eyeliner and mascara as I love it so much. Sometimes though I do need lighter lashes when I’m going for a softer look and I’d heard great things about this mascara. It works wonders, really elongates the lashes without clumping and doesn’t smudge and transfer through the day! The only reason I dont wear this everyday is because I’d picked up the brown one.

Benefit Roller Lash

Roller Lash.jpg

I actually didn’t buy Benefits Roller Lash, I got given it as a free gift when I bought some other Benefit products. Although I didn’t choose this it, it has proven itself to be a really good mascara! It works well to lengthen my lashes and also works well in conjuction with my eyelash curlers. The fact that it’s a smaller tester mascara means, although it works really well, that I put it in my bag as a spare rather than for everyday use.

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara

Smashbox Lashes.jpg

Smashbox’s Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara is my go to everyday mascara. It covers all my lashes without clumping and helps make them look longer. The brush works well to separate out the lashes to make them look fuller. Perfect for any everyday look as it doesnt smudge, plus you can create a bigger effect with two coats for a nighttime look.  It also works wonders on the bottom lashes without making them look too heavy.

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes

Volume Million Lashes.jpg

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes definitely lives up to it’s voluminous name but doesn’t work as well on the length and curl front. I enjoy using this in conjunction with a lengthening mascara for my nighttime looks as it’s long-wearing. Although not waterproof it’s extremely difficult to budge using water which is great for my rainy location. Despite this it comes of cleanly when I use Micellar water.

Benefit They’re Real 


Benefits they’re Real is really good for creating lashes which stand out. I use it mostly when I have a darker eyeshadow look as the product is so pigmented.  Only issues is that sometimes it creates clumping for the lashes and no matter what I do I seem to do I always seem to get in onto my eyelid.

Mascara Collection.jpg

So overall the Smashbox Mascara is my all time favourite with the Roller Lash as a close second. Although they’re all really good mascaras for their own reasons!


What’s your go to mascara?