The They’re Real! Remover will work wonders to get off all the products I’ve received previously! I’ve never seen this before and so it’s nice to find a product that I dont know of!

The packaging looks great, although its a lot more toned down than the rest of Benefits products. I’m hopeful that this will work great, especially with the They’re Real! Mascara which tends to be difficult to remove! 



As Christmas draws ever closer the excitement is building and you just want it to be here already. But when Christmas eve comes around… you cant get to sleep? So here’s some tips on how to sleep on Christmas eve ready for you to wake up feeling happy and enthused on Christmas morning.

Exercising in the day time can help to tire you out. Make sure you’re not exercising too late though as some exercises can wake your body up! Some light exercise may be appropriate if you leave it too late. Yoga or easy stretches can help relax your muscles ready for bed.

Having a hot shower or bath will help relax your body ready for sleep. Use some lightly scented products such as, jasmine, lavender or chamomile as these smells are often said to aid sleep. Spraying your pillow with a scented mist may also assist!

Having a hot drink, as long as it’s not highly caffeinated, will warm you up and help you to feel sleepy. Tea or the more festive hot chocolate are perfect choices. Reading a book or just do anything that doesn’t include a screen is also great to help wind down for bed. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, screens can often keep you awake.

If after all this you’re still not sleeping, try for around 10-15 minutes to count sheep, count breaths and relax your body and if you’re still struggling get back out of bed and do something else for half an hour, then try again. Trying to force yourself to sleep will make you feel stressed and wake you up even more, so only try for a short amount of time.

Do you have any other tips on how to sleep on Christmas eve?


For my penultimate gift I got the Dandelion blusher! I’ve said before how I usually use Coralista but this pink looks too good not to use!

It’s packaging is perfect for popping into a handbag and I’m sure I’ll be using this soon! It’s a bit of a change from my normal blushers but I think it will work well. 


It’s nearing the end of December and if you’re a fellow student this means January exams are coming up. Fast. Although Christmas is exciting, the looming dread often dampens my mood over the holidays. Sound familiar? Here’s my top tips on how to deal with stress before it overshadows the festive season:

Being stressed will always be worse when you’re not feeling your best self. In order for your body to be in the best health, both mentally and physically, you need to eat healthy. Yes, I know you’ve heard this all before but it’s true. You need all the healthy nutrients at the right time in order to feel like yourself. Eating poorly and skipping meals will just make you feel ‘eurgh’ which will increase stress. Eating healthy is also super important for you brain to retain information for exams! But, you can have sugar filled snacks to treat yourself within limits. Don’t eat too much or you’ll crash and feel lazy and unproductive.

Exercise is also important to keep yourself healthy, but endorphins that are released during exercise also combats stress. What type of exercise is up to you, it needs to be something you enjoy doing or you’ll view it as a chore. Yoga is a key form of exercise as it doubles up as being part of mindfulness. Getting mindful is great as it calms your mind and allows you to focus on yourself. Meditation is another way, but also having a steam or sauna, getting a massage, just any activity where you feel relaxed and can focus on yourself with no distractions!


Getting enough rest is also really important. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter on an assignment and felt even worse? Yeah that’s because your body is running on no sleep and you feel more stressed because you’re run down. Making sure you put time aside to rest fully to ensure you’re on your best form!

Spending time with others and discussing can often alleviate feelings on anxiety and stress about exams. Set time aside to do something together, whether its discussing your stresses or whether its just watching a film. Managing your time and prioritising activities is a main factor to how you deal with stress.  Ensuring you’re giving yourself enough time for the important tasks, as well as what I’ve just discussed to help relax you can actually make you feel calmer as you know exactly whats going to happen!

How do you deal with stress?