Amazon debut pilots of shows, and give full seasons to the ones that members give positive feedback on. I decided to watch and review Amazon’s new pilot episodes myself. I’ve already watched The Legend of Master Legend and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Due to hating The New V.I.P’s, Budding Prospects is actually the fourth episode I watched. I tried watching The New V.I.P.’s but I couldn’t complete the episode it was that poor and so I wont be reviewing it.

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Budding Prospects

Firstly, the engaging tale of a group of directionless 20 year olds really pulled me in. Because of being relatable, I wanted to know more. The 30 minute episode gave an insight into the characters on an individual level. We got to see where they work; how they interact with people; and to some extent what kind of people they were.

Because the episode is focusing a lot on developing characters the real story never seemingly starts. However, there is an anticipation to see whether Felix and pals can survive a summer growing marijuana. A potential downfall for a future series is that the change in setting could be problematic. Over the episode we start to enjoy the 80’s streets of San Francisco and the change to a farm may alter the tone.


I received Those Who Lie* by Dianne Jeffrey as an e-book from the lovely Jenny! Those Who Lie focuses on Emily Klein, a widow who may or may not have something to do with her husbands tragic death. As she tries to remember what really happened before the car accident, strange things stir up old memories.

Emily struggles to recover from her husbands death at first. Question arise. Is he really gone? She keeps seeing glances of him. But surely this is just the denial part of her grief? Her friends and family give her more reasonable explanations of what she sees, but Emily knows deep down something is wrong.

This book moves seamlessly from past to present to evolve the story even further. There’s multiple mysteries within the past which when solved will uncover the present puzzles. As her sister questions her mental health, her best friend assumes its grief and her mother and brother live with her to ensure she’s really okay, Emily tries her hardest to learn the truth.

I couldn’t put this book down. With so many different questions running through my head I just had to learn the answers. Emily’s past is used to taunt her. In subtle simple ways to full scale deja vu. The twist at the end was a shock, although hindsight did leave a lot of clues. Jeffrey really thought through the whole story line and how it fit together. I’d definitely recommend giving this a read.


I recieved The Reader* by MK Harkins as an e-book from the publisher via Netgalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.

Within this world, alongside humans there are also ‘readers’, ‘jacks’ and the now extinct ‘seers’. When Ann meets two young readers as she washes ashore with amnesia, she takes their protection and follows them back to the reader compound. After Ann is all healed and starting to settle, she is told she may be the lost one. The one who is going to bring about the great war between jacks and readers.

I really enjoyed the premise of the book. Readers, jacks and seers are modified humans with special niche talents, which brings with it resentment between races and war. With the extinction of the seers, and the prediction of the fall of one of the other races, time is ticking. This plot could have accomplished so much but unfortunately it seemed rushed and lacked the depth needed to keep my attention.

There was a lot of action in the book, but not really a lot of details. Characters were seemingly created to dump information. This lack of development irked me. I really liked Devon’s sister Lucy and I would have loved to see more interaction, but she was there to give Ann the information needed more than anything else.

Ann’s destined love which leads to the catastrophic war was another issue, it could have been explored so much more. The resolution of the foretold love happened fast, and as such, I had no emotional feelings towards it. For scenarios like this to work, I need to either want the couple together or despise them together. There’s no space for middle ground, I should want to route for these characters.

The predictability of the rest of the plot line was enraging at times. Yes, I know its a YA book, but does it have to use so many tropes? Set up straight away was the love triangle. Then, immediately after, you knew exactly who Ann would end up with. The big finale which is anticipated, but also forewarned by the characters, fell completely flat. It just didn’t happen and so all the build up was wasted. Expectations plummeted. Disappointment was high.

As I said before, the premise is good. Just, not for an approximately 200 page book. A longer book, as part of a longer series would definitely catch my interest. Being able to have the word count to properly develop the world, the characters, the emotions and dig deeper would entice me so much more.


Amazon debu pilots of shows, and give full seasons to the ones that members give positive feedback on. I decided to watch and review Amazon’s new pilot episodes myself. I’ve already watch The Legend of Master Legend and the second episdoe I chose was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The standouts among Amazon's new crop of pilots are Amy Sherman-Palladino's 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' (a hoot) and the John Hawkes-starring 'The Legend of Master Legend.'

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

As a fan of Gilmore Girls, I was excited for  Amy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly, Mrs Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) picks up the fast paced dialogue of Sherman-Palladino’s dialogue perfectly. Starting off with a wedding speech about how all her happiness is pinned on her ability to plan everything down to a T. Consequently, and predictably 4 years later her life starts to unravel and the start of her story occurs.

The 50’s styled interiors and perfectly dress Midge pulled the era to life on screen.I loved Brosnahan’s Midge. She has something about her despite her obvious flaws that make you like her. The perfect kind of girl to be a comedian really. I loved her interactions with the other characters as well. Always happy and chirpy, yet definitely a sense of wittiness and sass ready to appear. Inevitably, the ‘narcissistic’ nature of Midge while irritating, may become a development arc if the series is continued.




As an avid TV watcher who has Netlix, Prime and also SkyGo, I enjoy finding new things to watch and fall in love with. Which is why I love original shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Amazon prime have a both great yet annoying feature. They debut pilots of shows, and give full seasons to the ones that members give positive feedback on. I decided to watch and review 5 of Amazon’s new pilot episodes myself. The first of which is:Image result for the legend of master legend amazon

The Legend of Master Legend

Master Legend is a homemade superhero, trying to brighten the streets of Las Vegas up, one good deed at a time. The opening shot shows him greeting tourists and feeding the homeless, moving onto him in real life as he gets ready to see his daughter. After a quick search, it turns out it’s based on real person going my the name Master Legend in Orlando.

The pilot introduces us to some promising characters and storylines. Unfortunately, I’m more interesting in Tana and Cody and what their real life problems are. Due to the exaggerated superhero, his brother peanut-head and his drunk sidekick being unappealing.

I feel like this pilot was fractured and disjointed, trying to fit as much as possible into the half hour slot. Furthermore, the storyline was slow, never seeming to pick up except for the cliffhanger ending. Even the cliffhanger seems like a one/two episode story. As a result, i’m unsure as to how they would fill a season, yet alone multiple seasons with these characters.

Overall, the pilot wasn’t the best it could have been although not completely unwatchable. The cliffhanger was effective, as I would watch the next episode if it was to be continued. However, I dont think Amazon will bring on the full season, it doesn’t seem to have a concrete plot or intrigue which is needed to gain the attention that Prime Video needs.