Kylie Strange up and moves to the town of Moody Bog to open a Tea and Herb Shop. When she arrives however, she’s thrown into the supernatural after finding the Booke of the Hidden. With the help of the local Wiccans, and a demon she must hunt the monster that’s escaped the Booke.

Booke of the Hidden

Westerson mentions at the end of the book that this plot came to her as a dream. Which I think is great, but a lot more re-writing may have been needed. I enjoyed the premise of the book and the plotline of a chosen person need’s to hunt the demons and write them away into the book. But the book as a whole suffered from tropes and cheesiness.

First, the names. Kylie Strange and Erasmus Dark. Pretty sure Erasmus is the international exchange programme at university? No? Anyway… even the character points out that their names are weird. And you never get used to them throughout the book. Personally, I think there should have been a little bit more thought put into creating better names.

It also fell into many tropes of Urban Fantasy. The chosen one moves to a new, often quaint town. Weird supernatural things start to happen and she realises she’s the only one who can fix it. Love triangle occurs, oft between a good guy and a bad guy, but obviously the bad guy is much more attractive. Bad guy is also a massive jerk to the chosen one. Sound familiar? Yeah… too much trope.

The good thing is that the characters were often interesting. I really enjoyed the Wiccans and how different they all were. There’s a plotline with other town people who will probably appear in future installments. It was nicely set up as a series and the town was written to be quite open for this. I just personally won’t be reading it because I disliked the tropes.

I received Booke of the Hidden* by Jeri Westerson from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


It’s four days to Halloween and I’m all ready for the Halloween weekend! With lots of creepiness, the darkness falling before work ends and of course the sweet treats it feels fully autumnal today. I’m ready to snuggle up tonight and binge watch films, have snacks and of course get some reading done. I’m also ready to dress up and go to a fancy dress party this weekend!


From so many to choose from, I’m going with watching The Addams Family tonight! Followed by Hocus Pocus and maybe the Craft… I’ll keep you updated as to how many films I binge watch okay?


The Dark Net


Of all the Stephen King and James Herbert books I own, none of them are with me in Guildford. So this year I’m going to be reading The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy. It’s supposed to be quite creepy and sinister. It is also Black Mirror-esque as it is thought provoking. I’ve been excited to read this one for quite some time now as it’s been sat on my TBR pile.


This Halloween I’m going as Little Red Riding Hood but a little bit more dead.  I’m going to a Halloween party with some similarly fairy tale themed people and I’ll get some photos of my outfit so watch out for my Instagram post. I’ve spent a bit too much money this last month so I had to go for a fairly cheap Amazon ordered costume this year… but I’m sure I’ll be able to pull it off!


My trick to motivate today is that I’m going to reward myself tonight! After a long week at work I’m feeling super tired and need to recharge before I go to the Halloween party. I’ll also be tricking myself into being positive by treating myself to sweets from my desk drawer.


And my treat is… Pizza. Plus, lots of snacks to go with my film night. As I don’t particularly feel like cooking, looking forward to a nice Pizza from Papa Johns is keeping me going today!


What’s everyone else’s plans for Halloween?


Central Station follows Boris as he returns to Tel Aviv from Mars. His father is terminally ill, his cousin is infatuated with a robotnik and his ex lover is taking care of an orphan who can read his data stream. Everything seems be growing and evolving in the futuristic area at the base of a space station.

Central Station

Central Station was a promising read but it sorely disappointed me. Immediately, I disliked the writing style. There were too many overly long sentences and Tidhar overuses commas. It also suffered from too much repetition. As I realised this within a couple of pages, it wasn’t the best start to a book. But I gave it a chance as it is ‘award winning’.

I shouldn’t have even given it a chance. I also struggled to like the characters. There isn’t one main character as we follow different people around, but all of them seem distant and unrelatable. The world building was strong, but at the same time I wasn’t feeling that I could ‘step into’ this world. The fact that this was previously different short stories shows, as it felt very disjointed and thrown together.

I DNF’d this book about 20% in. I don’t think I even got to the actual story as Tidhar had spent most of the time describing the world, the characters, the new technology etc. It just felt like a very longwinded book for a very short sci-fi genre book. I received Central Station* by Lavie Tidhar from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


When little sister Hartley goes missing Aiva must rejoin the family business of demon hunting to help Tala find her. Their search takes them into Dublin’s criminal underground. Where the gangs are led by demons and for every circle up they go the danger increases.

The Ninth Circle, Book 1: Fire (The Ninth Circle #1)

I’ve read a lot of fantasy books but not many that include Ireland. As Ireland is so close to home in Britain, it’s really interesting to lead about the folklore and myth that surrounds the isle. I loved that The Ninth Circle also brought together it’s own ideas of hell and of the gangs of demons that lead to hell.

The books mainly about family and betrayal. Over and over again, someone is betrayed and it’s always the trust in their own family that brings Aiva back to the family unit. Although there is a very clear divide between the two sisters, Tala and Aiva. They have very different ways of handling things which causes trouble throughout the book.

I thought that this book contained a lot of paranormal cliches and tropes which were not necessary. Personally I think it needed a pinch less paranormal and more fantasy elements. For some reason, there was something that kept reminding me of Twilight era books.

There was a lot shoved into this book. We meet a ‘big bad’ by the end, after multiple battles with different demons. On the one hand it could have been stretched over 2 books with the betrayal as a cliffhanger and a lesser demon being the end fight. On the other hand that might have made two books lacking something as well. I’m still unsure to how I feel about this as the book seemed to be all about fight, fight, fight.

Overall The Ninth Circle is an enjoyable book. But I couldn’t say it was completely unique to others it’s genre except for the Irish folklore.

I received The Ninth Circle* by C.A. Harland from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


So I’ve recently gone on a bit of a binge for buying one use face masks. I’m an avid user of Body Shop’s masks, but I always feel like I push myself to get some new and ‘fancier’ ones. After thinking about getting some sheet masks, I looked in KIKO and on Amazon for some affordable ones.

KIKO Girls’ Night Out

I picked up this one as it has coffee extract and is said to make you look more energised. As it’s getting darker and colder my skin is starting to look a bit dull and tired.

KIKO Chill Out Session

For the same reason as above, this mask is meant to bring a bit of life to your skin. The green tea extract gives the tired and dull skin a re-energising boost.

Beauty Pro Detoxifying Foaming Cleansing Mask

This sheet mask foams up with activated charcoal and bubbles that helps to massage the skin. This helps to cleanse the skin of blackheads (which I suffer from a lot!) and other impurities.

Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask

I’ve been struggling with getting to sleep recently which is causing dark circles and puffiness. I wanted to try an eye mask for this reason!

Beauty Pro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask

Similar to the Chill Out mask from KIKO this one had green tea extract. Energising my skin is a must at the moment!


What’s your favourite sheet mask?