Adulting: Am I Ready?

Today I turn 21 and I remember a whole year ago thinking ‘Now I’m officialy no longer a teenager’. I moved out to go to university and I even lived on my own during second year. But, I just dont feel like I’m being an ‘adult’ properly still, even with my full time work placement.

Remember when you were little and you thought once you were an adult you would have your whole life sorted? Yeah… me too.

I thought I would be eating healthy meals, 3 times a day (Home cooked of course). I often skip breakfast, buy lunch out and rush together something for tea because I forgot to buy the proper ingredients needed to actually cook. Since I’m working 9-5, I will be working on doing big weekly shops with a pre-written and planned list of meals (for everyday including lunch and breakfast). But ultimately, I’m not doing what I expected an ‘adult’ to do.

My house would be immaculately clean all the time, with minimal effort because I’m just so good at tidying as I go about my day.  My room (I only have a room) is in a constant state of disarray and I lose things under other things all the time. I never have the effort to actually clean up after myself, the only positive is that I’m just messy and not dirty. I don’t leave food or rubbish out, it’s just clothes, books, makeup etc. I will need to start setting myself specific time per week to clean my room because it just gets messier and messier.

Career-wise I thought I would know exactly where I wanted to be and I’d be working towards it. I still have no idea what I actually want and even with my placement I’m still trying to figure things out. I’m going to continue taking on opportunities this year and in my final year of university so hopefully I’ll have thought more for when I graduate.

I also thought I would be completely organised in all aspects of life. I am only organised when it comes to the ‘planning’ stage of any project, I can plan a months worth of blog content but I rarely write all of it on time.  I’m going to have to plan certain times to do things when in my planning stage so I know I have the time to complete tasks. This is probably more of a ‘I need to be stricter with myself’ problem though.

I’m also going to have to start budgeting a lot more, at the moment I still end up ‘treating myself’ and it’s a really bad idea. I need to save money so I’m a bit more secure when I actually graduate.

Who else thought they would have their act together by now?


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