A very typical blogger kind of post today. I decided to show you guys my MAC Lipstick Collection. It’s only small though, as I rarely stray away from my favourite nude shades.

Velvet Teddy

I got Velvet Teddy because everyone was saying it was the perfect nude shade. Unfortunately, those people are more tan than me and it actually looks strangely dark on me.

Shanghai Spice

Shanghai Spice is my all time favourite lipstick for my everyday looks. This is my perfect nude shade, I finally managed after years of looking to find something right for my skintone.

Viva Glam

Because I loved Miley Cyrus so much, I bought her Viva Glam MAC Lipstick. This so bright I rubbed it off within seconds the first time I tried it. But now I use it lightly just to add a bit of colour.


On the opposite hand to Velvet Teddy we have Myth. This one makes my lips look too pale compared to my face. Although it is good to mix with brighter colours to tone them down a bit.


As someone with sensitive and combination skin, it’s taken me years to find go-to products. I have times where I need to change my routine of course, in the winter I get dry skin, near exams/deadlines I get eczema, in summer I’m oily. All these different problems need different products. Also, I have tried staying natural and not using products, but water doesn’t clear make up properly. Not wearing make up is also a problem… does anyone else break out more when they take a break?

Well, after years of trying different cleansers, toners, oils, serums, moisturisers, gels and creams… I finally found 5 products which usually work. Yes, sometimes I need something a bit different. If I get really dry skin or eczema I will need a better moisturiser, and if I’m too oily I’ll pick up a different cleanser for a few weeks. But on an every day – month by month basis, these are my go-to’s.

Garnier Micellar Water

I’m sure many of you know about micellar water, even if you haven’t tried it. It’s basically soft enough to not irritate my skin or strip it of oil and make it dry. Whilst also being stronger than actual water, as it removes my make up.

Clarins Toning Lotion

I use this toner from Clarins. It was recommended by a friend to make your skin look better, I think I was complaining about oiliness and acne at the time. It worked perfectly, my skin feels softer. It looks less red and less oily. Although I do still get spots, I do think they’re ones caused by hormones and internal factors like stress rather than anything on my skin.

Clarins HydraQuench Lotion

When I bought the toner, I thought I would try a moisturiser as well. I picked this one because it’s specifically for combination skin. I use it pretty much all year round. It also has SPF 15 which is fantastic for my ginger pale skin. Even though I usually wear SPF foundation anyway, it’s to know I have a little bit extra.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil

I also have this serum in oil which I picked up ages ago and wrote a review about it. I use this after the moisturiser, and I usually use it when I have a particular bad dry patch or eczema. The vitamin E is especially good for my eczema, although I do have prescribed gel if I need it as well.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Spot Gel

For pesky pimples, tea tree is always a go to product. I’ve used multiple gels, creams and moisturisers but this gel is one of the best. After a couple of days, the spot is gone or nearly gone, without too much stress from me. It’s also super handy to throw in my bag to reapply throughout the day.


As many of you probably know from my Instagram and Twitter I’ve been travelling a lot recently for assessment centres. Luckily, I have been given an job offer so no more travelling for a while! But this has meant I’ve had to only take the ‘essentials’ as a lot of my travel has been via train. On a separate note, I am now a pro at taking the tube with a massive bag on my back.

So I got this super cute make-up bag for Christmas the other year which has lasted me so long. It has two zipped areas which is fantastic as it can fit a lot in.

My whole collection is probably familiar to you if you’ve been following a while.

My priority is products to make my skin look better. I’m often breaking out when I get stressed and I feel so much more confident when my face is clear. For interviews especially you always want to look your best.

I always keep Carmex handy to help treat my dry lips. I also always carry around some spot gel, at the moment I’m using this tea tree one from The Body Shop.

Last but not least is eyes. My go to is to darken and fill in my brows, a strong eyeliner flick and a coat of mascara.


I bought the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer as part of a set of products. Alongside the mascara and highlighter this primer is the least used from the box, yet this doesn’t mean it’s not good. In truth, it works really well, I just automatically use Benefit Porefessional out of habit. This is a smaller sample size version of the primer it gets lost easy in my makeup drawer. Although, it is slightly bigger than the small versions in Boots.

Although expensive, a little goes a long way with this primer. This works with only the smallest amount to cover your face. It works especially well around my cheeks as they don’t seem as oily at the end of the day. This is one of my main issues as I can get very greasy skin at times.

On application it makes my skin feel so smooth and silky, and you can immediately feel the difference. This is perfect for when you apply foundation as it just sits so well on top of it. It also doesn’t feel like it’s blocking my pores as it’s quite lightweight. I’ve never had worries, or actually broken out in spots when using it.


I’ve been super busy trying to get a placement for next year. I’m exhausted to be honest, last week I was only in my own bed for one night. It’s been a lot of travelling and lack of wifi and laptop. I just haven’t had the time to post much. I really appreciate all of you who have been checking up on my blog while I’ve been gone though!

So I bought these in the Illamasqua sale! Which I realise was over a month ago… Time sure is flying by this year. Because they were on sale I got both of these for £11.40 which is so good!

Lipstick in Fable

So Fable is a bright pinky rose colour which has a matte finish. It is a lot brighter than the photos on the website and even the photo below shows! I dont know if it’s just in comparison to my pale skin. Or compared to my go to nude lipsticks? But it was very bright when I tried it. When I get some spare time I’ll get some photos of it on to show you, I didn’t even have time to do a swatch of it, sorry.

On sale I bought it for £5.85 down from £19.50 on the Illamasqua website. I’m so happy I purchased because I’d wanted to try an Illamasqua Lipstick for so long.

Eye Slick Stick in Mass

I dont really know why I bought *another* eyeliner? Like seriously what is wrong with me? I dont even use pencil eyeliner I’m usually all about that felt liner! But anyway, I bought this retractable pencil liner which is actually quite good. I’ve mainly used it for my waterliner as I just cant get a eyeliner flick with a pencil, but it creates a good line without having to keep going over and irritating my eye.

So this is normally £18.50 and I got it for £5.55! I’m quite happy because it is better quality than drugstore makeup and I didn’t need to pay a lot for it.

So overall, I’m fairly happy with Illamasqua. The lipstick maybe wasn’t my shade, but I get that a lot so next time I’ll research more before I purchase! Did anyone else get anything in the sale?