One of my favourite items from Clinique’s beauty advent calendar was the Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balm in colour 06 Woppin’ Watermelon. I’ve used it nearly everyday since I went back to work after Christmas and it really is a great every day staple product. As I have it in a tester size, it’s also really handy to throw into my travel makeup bag when I’m going to visit friends or family.

First Thoughts

I was originally sceptical about whether a balm with colour would work as well for dry and chapped lips. Especially in these cold, winter months. I was however really excited to try it out as I do love Clinique’s skincare so I assumed this would be just as good. I was very mixed with my expectations but I tried to go into it with an open mind.

During Use

The application is really easy as it’s basically a large pencil. It really glides onto your lips because it’s a balm, which was really different at first compared to lip liners and lipsticks. You only need one coat to get the pop of colour that you need, and as you can see in the photo’s Woppin’ Watermelon is fairly sheer and not that different to my normal lip colour.

After Use

My lips felt quite waxy after use, but the balm soon absorbs a bit which made my lips feel softer. My lips did feel extremely moisturised, smooth and soft while wearing the balm. But I don’t think it works as a long term solution or to prevent dry lips. It may just be because it’s so cold, but my lips still seem to be drying out and becoming chapped still. I also only applied this once per day in the morning. So no top ups meant that by lunch time and after eating my lips were probably clean of the product. I’m gonna start applying Carmex at night to help soothe a lips a bit more. But this balm does work really well as a slight colour to add to my lips which makes me look a bit more alive in the morning.

Would I purchase again?

It’s the perfect go-to for my everyday work makeup. It’s not too bright or colourful, but it also isn’t going to dry out my lips if I want some colour everyday. I would probably purchase Woppin’ Watermelon again because I’ve come to rely on it so much. I may also stretch myself and pick up some of the other colours to try out for a daily basis. At £18.50 they are a bit of a budget buster, but because I’d be using them daily I think it would be worth it for me.


Have you ever had that problem where you’ve been out the house all day and your face just needs touching up? Yeah I had this problem before meeting a friend and had nothing on me. I quickly took a wander into Boots and found this Max Factor Pan Stik. It was small, cheap and I trust most Max Factor Makeup. So I bought it and re-applied my makeup.

I picked this foundation because Max Factor are usually good with their pale shades. Shade 13, Nouveau Beige is slightly too dark for me unfortunately. But, it did it’s job of touching up my foundation. I’d say powder is necessary to match it to my skin better for everyday though.

It’s really small and ‘handbag sized’ which is perfect for me. It also doubles as a concealer because it’s full coverage. That means I can just go over blemishes throughout the day. I also enjoyed the lipstick style packaging as you have to spin the bottom for the stick to move up. There seems to be a lot of product for the price of £8.

The Max Factor Pan Stik has a creamy formula and is a block of solid foundation. It glides onto the skin really well and blends out easily. It’s better on dryer skin as with oily skin it does make you look oilier. Because it’s full coverage it’s not the greatest for my skin in general. My skin breaks out very easily, and this product does seem to make it worse slightly.

Overall, it’s not the best for my everyday makeup routine. But, I would gladly take it with me if I was going out all day and night and knew I would need to touch up my make-up.


After a recommendation from one of my friends, I picked up the Sleek Solstice highlighter palette. Even though I usually use Revolution’s highlighter, I wanted to try out a cream highlighter. The gold metallic case is quite sturdy. Both the product and mirror were intact after moving day! It comes with 4 highlighters and a small brush.

From the top right clockwise the colours are: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Equinox and Subsolar. Ecliptic is a rose-nude colour and is a cream highlighter. It creates a very subtle highlight, as it’s not quite as shimmery as the others. The cream texture feels quite oily, which I dislike when I have oily skin. When I first tried it, it was a lot better because I had dry skin at the time. So I expect it would work well for those with normal to dry skin.

Hemsiphere and Equinox are baked powders. Hemisphere is really strange as it’s lilac. It’s not as strong a colour when on your skin though. When applied, it looks  very vibrant, and is the strongest highlight of the four. It also applies quite heavy, you don’t need to put a lot on to see the effect. Equinox is not quite as bright as Hemisphere, but it’s still very visible as a highlighter. It’s more peach when applied, so don’t worry about your face looking orange like it looks it the palette.

Subsolar is a silky shimmer powder and has a yellow colouring within the palette. It is a lot less vibrant than the other two powders, but because it’s a more neutral colour, it works better on day to day basis. I prefer using Subsolar with my everyday makeup just to bring out my cheekbones a bit. Hemisphere and Equinox on the other hand work a lot better for night time looks. This is a personal preference as I prefer to keep my make-up ‘natural’ looking for my everyday.

I will probably still use my Revolution highlighter, as once Subsolar runs out, I won’t the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette for everyday. But, when they all run out, I would be happy to purchase again as they are good value for money.


So in my previous post, I talked about Clinique Skincare. In order to receive those samples, I signed up to go to the beauty counter in my (then) local Boots.  Clinique offer multiple free services to help you pick out the best products they have for you. I chose to get foundation matched because I’m so pale everything makes me look orange. Okay not everything, but I struggle with finding foundation.

I tried a couple of foundations, but this one was the only one that really went pale enough for me. It’s the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. It’s got a good coverage because it’s also classed as a concealer. It manages to cover all my imperfections. Such as spots, discolouration, bags under my eyes etc. But it’s not too heavy and doesn’t make my face feel ‘cakey’.

I find it works wonders over dry skin. Because it’s liquid formula, it doesn’t highlight my dry patches. It’s also a moisturising foundation so it helps in the long run. I find it works less well with oily skin. Recently in particular, I’ve been struggling with oilier skin, and my foundation seems to rub away more easily throughout the day. I use the Hello Flawless Powder on top, but it still doesn’t help that much. I would recommend for anyone who has dryer skin.

It comes with this magic wand applicator. You use the wand to put product across your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose and then blend it out with fingers or a brush. I’ve tried using a beauty blender, but I just didn’t like it. It didn’t seem to cover as much as it did with the brush or my fingers. The applicator picks up quite a lot of product. There’s no need to dip it back into the foundation.

Overall, this is one of the better foundations I’ve tried. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing in the future. For me, it will probably be better for my skin during the winter months when my skins dryer. Hopefully, I’ll find a product that’s good for the summer months soon.


As many of you probably know from my Instagram and Twitter I’ve been travelling a lot recently for assessment centres. Luckily, I have been given an job offer so no more travelling for a while! But this has meant I’ve had to only take the ‘essentials’ as a lot of my travel has been via train. On a separate note, I am now a pro at taking the tube with a massive bag on my back.

So I got this super cute make-up bag for Christmas the other year which has lasted me so long. It has two zipped areas which is fantastic as it can fit a lot in.

My whole collection is probably familiar to you if you’ve been following a while.

My priority is products to make my skin look better. I’m often breaking out when I get stressed and I feel so much more confident when my face is clear. For interviews especially you always want to look your best.

I always keep Carmex handy to help treat my dry lips. I also always carry around some spot gel, at the moment I’m using this tea tree one from The Body Shop.

Last but not least is eyes. My go to is to darken and fill in my brows, a strong eyeliner flick and a coat of mascara.