Alice is the kinda girl who can take a trend and still make it her own style. Fishnets, leopard print, multi coloured faux fur, even mom jeans? You name it she’s tried it and pulled it off a lot better than I ever could. Basically, The Velvet Black is fantastic. Whenever I see her post on Instagram I want to go out and dye my hair as well. Every. Single. Time. Like look how cute her hair is:

Yeah I know, super cute right? Not only does she look great, she seems lovely. She’s the kinda girl you want to be friends with. Whether it’s from her blog posts or her having a bit of a laugh on Twitter, she’s got a sense of humour. She’s definitely a one to watch!



Abi has created Ramblings of a Blonde as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog and is absolutely nailing it! She’s shown me so many cute products I hadn’t seen before. Plus her tone of voice is so naturally her which I love from a blog. Her Instagram feed is lush, I wish I could get mine to look as cohesive and put together. She’s recently had some drool-worthy food photos! Obviously that’s a winner in my book.

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I feel like I’ve been following her on Twitter since I started my own blog. She seems so genuine and down to earth, I’m thinking she going places and deserves a bigger following.




Isabelle, the vlogger behind Isa Wonders is just so lovely and hilarious. Her YouTube focuses on her lifestyle, with an emphasis on beauty and food. So I found Isa on Twitter, as she is so much better at being active than me! No but seriously I don’t know how she finds the time to do it? It’s impressive. Her tweets just seemed so genuine and nice as well. I just had to go check out her channel and follow her!

Her videos totally show the genuine side of her as well, she’s got such a bubbly personality and she always brings fun to her content. She’s new to this, only starting about a month ago, but I have no doubts that she’s going to go far! Don’t forget to check her new video below, and subscribe and follow her on twitter!