If Netflix isn’t quite fulfilling your Christmas film needs then there’s also an abundance on Amazon Prime Video.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Poster


In the 1940s, a young boy named Ralphie attempts to convince his parents, his teacher, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really is the perfect Christmas gift.



Christmas with the Coopers

Love the Coopers Poster


The intertwined stories of four generations of Coopers unfold right before the annual family reunion on Christmas Eve.




Elf Poster

After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.




Four Christmases

Four Christmases Poster


A couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas.




Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas Poster

Beth Prince has always loved fairytales and now she feels like she’s finally on the verge of her own happily ever after; a dream job in a charming independent cinema by the seaside and a gorgeous boyfriend. There’s just one problem – no man has ever told her they love her. Desperate to hear those crucial three little words for the first time Beth takes matters into her own hands – and wishes she hasn’t.


Jack Frost

Jack Frost Poster


A father who can’t keep his promises, dies in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman, who has the final chance to put things right with his son, before he is gone forever.




Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want for Christmas Is You Poster

The film centers on young Mariah, a little girl who dreams of getting a dog for Christmas year after year. This Christmas her dream is fueled after seeing a puppy named Princess at the local pet store. To see if she’s ready for the responsibility, Mariah is tasked with dog-sitting her uncle’s crazy canine Jack, who upends the family’s holiday preparations with his various shenanigans.



Nativity! Poster



An improvised comedy based around a school nativity play.


Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! Poster



A worried new teacher has to juggle a pregnant wife and a class of children on a road trip to the National ‘Song for Christmas’ Competition.



Nativity 3 Dude, Where’s my Donkey?!

Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?! Poster

The pupils of St Bernadette’s and the madcap Mr Poppy are back! When their new teacher Mr Shepherd loses his memory as well as Archie the Donkey, it’s up to them to save the day and reunite him with his fiancée Sophie in New York. Prepare for a race against time, fantastic flashmobs and plenty of Christmas fun on their greatest adventure yet.



Scrooged Poster


A selfish, cynical T.V. executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve



The Holiday

The Holiday Poster


Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love.


It’s Christmas time which means lots of nights in snuggled up in blankets and ready to watch Christmas films. On Netflix there’s plenty of classics to watch such as Deck the Halls and Love Actually and also some new additions, including A Christmas Prince.

A Christmas Detour

A Christmas Detour Poster


A bride-to-be, a heart broken guy and a happily married couple hitch an emergency ride to NYC, learning about each other and themselves along the way.



A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince Poster


When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love – but will she be able to keep up her lie?


A Wish for Christmas

A Wish For Christmas Poster


Sara Thomas prefers to sit on the sidelines but when her idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen, she makes a wish to Santa that she’ll have the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish, but only for 48 hours. As the clock ticks, Sara will discover how to channel the Christmas magic and speak her mind all on her own.


Angel of Christmas

Angel of Christmas Poster


When Susan sets out to write an article about her family’s heirloom Christmas angel, it leads her to accidentally meet Brady, a cute, upbeat artist. But will the 100-year-old, hand-carved angel, whose legend includes the power to bring people together, prove a game-changer for the skeptical Susan as it moves her closer to Brady–and to a surprising truth about the ornament itself?


Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas Poster


Santa’s clumsy son Arthur gets put on a mission with St. Nick’s father to give out a present they misplaced to a young girl in less than 2 hours.



Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve PosterHilarity, romance, and transcendence prevail after a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve.




Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Poster


Two neighbors have it out after one of them decorates his house for the holidays so brightly that it can be seen from space.


Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Poster


After a break up, Jenny moves in with writer Kelly, her filmmaker husband, and their child. Despite a rocky start, Jenny’s influence helps Kelly realize that an evolution in her life, career and relationship is necessary for her happiness.


I’ll Be Home for Christmas

I'll Be Home for Christmas Poster


Jackie Foster (Suvari), is a dynamic Assistant District Attorney and single mom. But when Jackie’s estranged dad, Jack (Brolin), a gruff retired police officer, unexpectedly shows up at her door, they will be forced to confront old wounds.


Jingle All The Way

Jingle All the Way Poster


A father vows to get his son a Turbo Man action figure for Christmas, however, every store is sold out of them, and he must travel all over town and compete with everybody else in order to find one.



Last Holiday

Last Holiday Poster


Upon learning of a terminal illness, a shy woman (Queen Latifah) decides to sell off all her possessions and live it up at a posh European hotel.




Love Actually

Love Actually Poster


Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.


Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas

Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas Poster


While visiting her school’s forbidden attic, Mandie stumbles upon the mystery of a long forgotten Christmas.


Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street Poster


A lawyer and a little girl must prove that a man claiming to be Santa Claus is the real thing.



Once Upon a Holiday

Once Upon a Holiday Poster


When a princess escapes her entourage to explore New York over Christmas, she meets a young man who shows the beautiful stranger his side of the city.




Scrooged Poster


A selfish, cynical T.V. executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve



The Night Before

The Night Before Poster


On Christmas eve, three lifelong friends spend the night in New York City looking for the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.


I’m all ready for the weekend. A movie night, some snacks, and some friends invited round are my favourite kind of catch ups. But whenever we get together, we have no idea what to watch? We always end up watching some kind of chick flick as it’s something we can all enjoy. Here’s my top 7 picks:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I bought a DVD box set of Audrey Hepburn films a few years ago now. But still, Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always be my go to Hepburn.

The Notebook

Because who doesn’t want to spend a few hours dreaming about Ryan Gosling.

Romy and Micheles High School Reunion

I watched this when it was still on Netflix and loved it. I make all of my friends watch it now.

Mean Girls

Well of course Mean Girls would be on this list. It’s the ultimate girls night film.

10 Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger is a dream in 10 Things I Hate About You. The serenade was the best part.

She’s the Man

I used to love Amanda Byne’s and especially in this film. I just loved her attitude of doing exactly what she wants even though she’s a woman.


Everyone loves Clueless right?


Who else is still a Disney fanatic? I was talking to one of my friends, who’s obsessed, about what our favourite Disney Films are. I decided that I would share my top 5 films with you (although my top 5 changes all the time). Just as a quick post to give you a bit more insight into who I am, since I’ve been doing so many review’s recently.

1. The Little Mermaid

2. Brave

3. Lady and the Tramp

4. Toy Story

5. Treasure Planet


What are your favourite Disney films?


King Arthur

I’m always up for a retelling of myths and legends so this new Arthur film is exciting.

Pirates of the Caribean

Who doesn’t love Captain Jack Sparrow? Although the last film wasn’t quite up to standards I’m still ready to see the next installment.

About Ray

I’m so up for watching this film about transgender transitioning. Hopefully they do it justice and dont make any insensitive mistakes.

Everything, Everything

This romantic film looks so cute.