As the nights get colder and darker it’s time to get cosy and festive. Decorating isn’t just about Christmas trees, fairy-lights and tinsel (although these are wonderful) but re-decorating your bedroom helps to transition you into the colder weather as well. Being unhappy with how your room looks will always make you feel slightly unhappy when you’re looking at it. I know I always feel slightly resentful about the couch in my flat (I rent a furnished flat). Therefore regularly updating your rooms with extras you can change will make you feel happier in the long run.


First things first is your bed itself. As the nights start to get colder it is a good idea to get a duvet with a higher tog. You can purchase a new duvet fairly cheaply from Primark or Argos if like me you will be moving house a lot. (I’ve moved 6 times in the past 2 years, and often it’s a struggle to pack everything into the car. My move down to Guildford was without a duvet at all and I had to buy one from Primark!) You could also pay a bit more if you know you will keep it longer and want it to last, or if you want a luxury duvet that contains anti-allergenic properties or is filled with down.

What you have on your duvet is also any important choice. You could go all out festive and bright for Christmas to get into the spirit. You could get Christmassy but still stick to more neutral greys and whites which goes with the rest of your room. Or you could forgo festive decor completely and just go for brighter patterns to lift your mood in the dreary months ahead.

Cushions and Throws


Who doesn’t love piling up loads of cushions on your bed to just fall into? Decoration for your bed can also make your room look cosier and will give you an excuse to crawl into bed to keep warm. You can also get a selection of holiday themed cushions to go along with your christmas decorations! Don’t forget that you can buy just the covers and change them over instead of taking up extra room with more cushions. You wan’t to be cosy, not cluttered as this can cause stress.

Throws are also great to keep you warm and to make you bed look good. I use one of my throws as a blanket in the colder months as my room can get really cold. I also use an electric blanket under my bed sheet to make sure I don’t feel cold while sleeping. I have a second throw over on my couch as well to one cover it up a little and two so if I get cold I can pull it over myself.


In order to get more sunlight during the winter, I would recommend putting up some lighter fabric curtains. This will help with SAD as you will start to get some sunlight as soon as the sun rises, it will also (hopefully) help you wake up better as you will see the sun first thing. You can purchase cheaper eyelet curtains that don’t break the bank from Yorkshire Linen’s Range. Eyelet curtains are easy to change over as the seasons change.


Who else is re-decorating before Christmas?


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