Recently I saw that Anarchy Street wanted some brand ambassadors and I jumped at the chance. As someone who doesn’t like a lot of jewelry, their simple minimalist collection is perfect for me. I’d also been seeing their pieces or pieces very similar on Instagram a lot, so I was excited to get my first order in.

Anarchy Street open box with items

As you can see, all the pieces come in a small black box. The order receipt comes in an adorable branded envelope and then you get 3 little cards as well. The first card is a quote on one side and a image of their site (I presume) on the other. This quote is perfect for my pin board. The other card is instructions on which hashtags to use and then the other is saying one order = one meal for the homeless. Don’t you just love companies that support a good cause?

My basket totaled about $400 at one point because I just wanted everything off the site. I managed to shorten it to just 4 items which were these two rings and two bracelets. I didn’t pick any of the necklaces just because barely wear them, I’m much more likely to wear these items.

The Halfway Ring is rose gold with a small jeweled circle with an arch next to it. The band doesn’t meet at the back and so is slightly adjustable to fit your fingers. I’ve been looking for something small like this for ages! Currently all my rings are silver but over Christmas I knew I was getting a rose gold watch and I wanted some rings to match it.

The Irregular Ring is also rose gold and very similarly jeweled to the Halfway Ring.  I thought this was quite different because it’s more angular than most rings, but it is also simple. This one isn’t adjustable but it fits easily on my ring, middle and forefinger.

The Unbreakable Bracelet is insanely cute. In the shape of a large golden nail wrapped around and knotted it’s simple yet different enough to catch attention.

The Pave Screw Bangle is very similar to the Halfway Ring with the circular elements. I always feel a bit worried that open bracelets will fall off but this one stayed on all day and I didn’t have any issues of it being pulled off. 

What do you think of Anarchy Streets collection?

You can use the code ‘UPTOWN20’ to get 20% off anything you like in the store!*


‘The first step is admitting you have a problem’ is age old advice. My problem is that I buy way too many bags and shoes, which means the next step is probably buy some more. So I’ve bought another bag from Boutique of Molly! The Tokyo bag is very much Mulberry inspired without the price tag.

Boutique of Molly Bag

Similar to the Milan bag I’d previously bought, the strap is adjustable. I also much prefer the chain style strap because it’s smaller links than the Milan, which in my opinion makes it look a bit more classy. The size isn’t too small or too big which is great! It fits all the essentials like my phone, glasses, purse etc. without putting too much strain on the strap. It’s not an everyday bag purely because I need a bag to fit my A4 notebooks at uni, but it works well for my days off.

Boutique of Molly Tokyo Bag Strap

The clasp is small, and could easily be undone by accident but the bag also has a zip inside which will stop you losing anything. The clasp is near identical to the clasp on Mulberry’s. Inside there’s two pockets on either side of the bag, one with a zip and one open. I can’t wait to see what BoM bring out next!

Boutique of Molly Tokyo Clasp

If you find anything you like on site then you can use the code ‘BECKYA20’ to get 20% off!*


It’s the beginning of a new semester and so I have an Autumn term haul to share with you guys. From jackets to vests I’m prepared for all northern weather. Most was bought with money that I got from working overtime during summer. I thought that I could treat myself with the extra cash for some basic pieces to wear throughout the year.


Firstly, I bought two leather jackets from ASOS, I got two because I found the one on the left for £40 and instantly fell in love but then, I saw the one on the right which was ONLY £11 and thought well a jacket for £11? that’s a pretty decent price and it doesn’t even look that cheap. So I got them both as I do love a leather jacket. I also got the bomber jacket from River Island which was on my Fall Fashion Fix post because it’s so pretty and perfect for Newcastle’s temperamental autumn weather.

Clothes.jpgI bought a pack of 3 basic vests; a scalloped collared sleeveless shirt; a flared sleeved crop jumper and a distressed off the shoulder jumper all from ASOS. The black vest which ties at the side is from River Island plus the black floral bodysuit is from Miss Selfridge. The reason why I wanted to quite a lot of tops that I could wear everyday as I was really struggling to pull outfits together as I kept wearing the same things over and over.


I also got some Carvela shoes and a Carvela bag from the Secret Sales website. Although I’m happy with my purchases now, Secret Sales has awful customer service so I wouldn’t recommend them. I also got some belts in my ASOS order as I seem to have lost all of mine when moving.

If you liked this Autumn Term Haul then please comment and let me know. Just so I know whether you’re interested in more haul posts. Also would you prefer clothes or beauty products hauls?

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see me wearing these!



A couple of weeks ago I was contacted my Boutique of Molly on Twitter and as soon as I clicked on their site I saw this Milan bag and fell in love. I knew instantly that this was a Chanel inspired bag as it’s quilted, it has a chain handle and the circular clasp area is very reminiscent of the Chanel logo. For £35 I thought well I might as well see what it’s like.


It’s quite big – it could happily hold my phone, keys, makeup etc. but it wont be a everyday handbag for me as a student, since I need books. It’s got multiple pockets inside and underneath the clasp it also has a pop button which means it’s quite safe. I like that you can alter the strap by pulling it all the way out for a shoulder look; having two small handles or having a clutch by putting the straps into the bag. Boutique of Molly has really delivered on a good looking and good quality bag. They also do a red version called the Budapest bag.

After looking at bags I also looked at some dresses. I ended up getting the Gemma Glittery Bardot Dress which is sooo comfy. It’s very stretchy material and a ‘cowl’ neck folding into a bardot style. It’s slightly sparkly so it’s great to go for drinks in, the only issue I found was you cant really lift your arms without it riding up. This is the same for most bardot tops so I wasn’t surprised by this.

Boutique of Molly Gemma Glittery Bardot Dress  Boutique of Molly Gemma Glittery Bardot DressBoutique of Molly Gemma Glittery Bardot Dress

I also got the Orla Bandage Mini Dress which is a very structured nude dress. Although the material was stretchy it was a lot tighter than the Gemma dress because it’s more fitted. Because of this it has a large zip at the back and a clasp at neckline. I love this dress, I think looks really classy and it goes really well with the Milan bag.

Boutique of Molly Orla Bandage Mini Dress Boutique of Molly Orla Bandage Mini Dress Boutique of Molly Orla Bandage Mini Dress

Quick apologies for the awful images – I had a bad face day and my camera was acting up .I will be updating them ASAP.

If you find anything you like on site then you can use the code ‘BECKYA20’ to get 20% off!*


As I made a wishlist of what I wanted in beauty products this season, I also wanted to create a wishlist for what I want clothes wise! As I’m now back in the city centre for uni it should be much easier for me to pop around and grab some of these (My poor poor bank account).


First is this super cute All Saints Aleida Blazer which I probably wont get as it’s a bit out of my student budget – but a girl can dream (and hopefully find a cheaper version somewhere else *fingers crossed*).

685200_rolloverI’ve also fell in love with this embroidered bomber from River Island! A light jacket is exactly what I need as the season shifts to cooler weather.Image 2 of FRAYED TWEED SHIRT from ZaraI’m a big fan of shirts so this gorgeous frayed detail shirt was straight on my list! Zara really does have some gorgeous pieces.

Image 2 of EMBROIDERED VELVET JACKET from ZaraAnother piece from Zara because did I tell you they have some gorgeous pieces in right now? This embroidered velvet jacket just looks so comfy as well as looked great!

Some more embroidery? Yes please! I thought with these I could try some mom jeans and embroidered denim all in one go from Topshop.

So what’s on your wishlists this at the moment?