With a long Easter break and an upcoming shorter summer due to starting work, I decided to visit family early this year. With the stunning North Wales countryside a simple train journey away, I spent 2 nights staying with my aunt. Although catching up was the main reason, as a family we can’t not visit the local art gallery while we’re wandering with coffee shop visits a must.

Conwy Castle

We vist Conwy nearly every year as it’s so easy to drive to. Although I’ve visited often, I’ve never had the chance to visit the castle and the walls. This year I dragged my aunt up along some of the wall to get a glimpse of the views from above.

Conwy Castle - North Wales

Conwy Castle - North Wales

The Royal Cambrian Academy Art Gallery

Along a side road and up a hill you’ll find the hidden treasure that is the Royal Cambrian Academy Art Gallery in Conwy. With only two artists on display, I fell in love with Rob Piercy’s watercolour paintings of Snowdonia.

Top left: Diane Lawson – ‘Mortal Coil’ charcoal drawing and bronze resin statue; The others are all part of Rob Piercy’s ‘Landscapes, Drawings and Personal Memories’ exhibition. They consist of watercolour and oil paintings, mainly of the Snowdonia landscape. 

Rob Piercy - Art Gallery - North Wales

Coffee and Bookshop

A bit more coffee shop than bookshop nowadays, but the food here was wonderful. They let dogs in as well, so there were so many cute pets in the shop.

Denbighshire Art Society

A quick detour to the Denbighshire Art Society let me take a quick nosey through some of the work before their upcoming exhibition. North Wales is the perfect place for artists due to the gorgeous countryside I swear.


My family live in a few places across North Wales but I was staying in Prestatyn. It never gets old how stunning the view from their house is. We also spent some time along the beach while it was sunny although it’s still pretty cold out with the wind.