So it’s my first day back at University after Christmas (I didn’t have January exams so I got a couple more weeks off!) and I decided to do a ‘What’s in my bag post’. I’ve decided to try and be more prepared this semester and ensure everything in my bag the night before because I always seem to forget something.

I use this Carvela Handbag as it’s big enough to fit my A4 notebooks inside. As my laptop doesn’t fit I have a different bag if I need it, although this is not often as I prefer to take notes by hand.

As most people do, I bring my phone with me everywhere as I have access to my calendar, emails and my university portal with lecture notes on. My phone is used a lot to plan tasks, events and my time in general but I also have a paper planner as well. This planner is small because I only put my most important events in, this is so I know I cant change these plans. As I’m short sighted I need glasses for my lectures and seminars, although I always forget to put them in my vbag.

I like taking the traditional method of taking notes and so I have an A4 notebook to write in. Usually, this is for my quick notes and I usually rewrite them out into individual module notebooks for revision. I always bring a water bottle with me to ensure I drink enough water throughout the day. My purse is always in my bag as well. I usually buy a coffee, or food if I’m hungry when i’m at uni. I often run errands like food shopping after lectures as well so it’s important I have my money with me.

The bottom of my bag is often littered with earphones, pens, hair ties, highlighters and random change. Maybe I need a pencil case to add to my bag? For now though I keep them there ‘just in case’.


I picked up Body Shop’s Seaweed Pore Perfector as I’d heard it was great for oily skin. It comes as a gel like consistency which sinks straight into the skin, you cant notice it like other pore products such as Benefit’s Porefessional. As with most of Body Shop’s products it smells lovely without being overbearing.



When using under foundation I’ve seen that it takes noticeably longer for my skin to go from matte to oily which is exactly why I needed it! As for whether it actually reduces pores, I am still uncertain as I feel like it’s a short term fix and once I stop using it my pores will revert to looking larger.


The They’re Real! Remover will work wonders to get off all the products I’ve received previously! I’ve never seen this before and so it’s nice to find a product that I dont know of!

The packaging looks great, although its a lot more toned down than the rest of Benefits products. I’m hopeful that this will work great, especially with the They’re Real! Mascara which tends to be difficult to remove! 



As Christmas draws ever closer the excitement is building and you just want it to be here already. But when Christmas eve comes around… you cant get to sleep? So here’s some tips on how to sleep on Christmas eve ready for you to wake up feeling happy and enthused on Christmas morning.

Exercising in the day time can help to tire you out. Make sure you’re not exercising too late though as some exercises can wake your body up! Some light exercise may be appropriate if you leave it too late. Yoga or easy stretches can help relax your muscles ready for bed.

Having a hot shower or bath will help relax your body ready for sleep. Use some lightly scented products such as, jasmine, lavender or chamomile as these smells are often said to aid sleep. Spraying your pillow with a scented mist may also assist!

Having a hot drink, as long as it’s not highly caffeinated, will warm you up and help you to feel sleepy. Tea or the more festive hot chocolate are perfect choices. Reading a book or just do anything that doesn’t include a screen is also great to help wind down for bed. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, screens can often keep you awake.

If after all this you’re still not sleeping, try for around 10-15 minutes to count sheep, count breaths and relax your body and if you’re still struggling get back out of bed and do something else for half an hour, then try again. Trying to force yourself to sleep will make you feel stressed and wake you up even more, so only try for a short amount of time.

Do you have any other tips on how to sleep on Christmas eve?