Five Fridays: Halloween

It’s four days to Halloween and I’m all ready for the Halloween weekend! With lots of creepiness, the darkness falling before work ends and of course the sweet treats it feels fully autumnal today. I’m ready to snuggle up tonight and binge watch films, have snacks and of course get some reading done. I’m also ready to dress up and go to a fancy dress party this weekend!


From so many to choose from, I’m going with watching The Addams Family tonight! Followed by Hocus Pocus and maybe the Craft… I’ll keep you updated as to how many films I binge watch okay?


The Dark Net


Of all the Stephen King and James Herbert books I own, none of them are with me in Guildford. So this year I’m going to be reading The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy. It’s supposed to be quite creepy and sinister. It is also Black Mirror-esque as it is thought provoking. I’ve been excited to read this one for quite some time now as it’s been sat on my TBR pile.


This Halloween I’m going as Little Red Riding Hood but a little bit more dead.  I’m going to a Halloween party with some similarly fairy tale themed people and I’ll get some photos of my outfit so watch out for my Instagram post. I’ve spent a bit too much money this last month so I had to go for a fairly cheap Amazon ordered costume this year… but I’m sure I’ll be able to pull it off!


My trick to motivate today is that I’m going to reward myself tonight! After a long week at work I’m feeling super tired and need to recharge before I go to the Halloween party. I’ll also be tricking myself into being positive by treating myself to sweets from my desk drawer.


And my treat is… Pizza. Plus, lots of snacks to go with my film night. As I don’t particularly feel like cooking, looking forward to a nice Pizza from Papa Johns is keeping me going today!


What’s everyone else’s plans for Halloween?


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