Gift Guide for the Harry Potter Obsessed in your life

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with Harry Potter right? So here’s some things that they will love this Christmas…

  1. Class Notebooks – £10.00 – Make it feel like work is at Hogwarts with these class based notebooks.
  2. Wand Makeup Brushes – £6.99 – Your makeup has never looked as magical with these brushes.
  3. I Solemnly Swear Mug – £9.95 – Keep marauding with your coffee fix from this mug.
  4. Espresso Patronum Mug – £7.99 – Coffee counts as a happy memory right?
  5. Butterbeer Lip Balm – £4.00 – Sometimes you need some butterbeer after a long and slightly chapped day?
  6. Dressing Gown – £16.00 – Imagine you’re really in Hogwarts robes.
  7. House Coasters – £4.00 – Keeping rings off the table doesn’t have to be by magic.
  8. Socks– £3.00 – Dobby would be proud to own these socks.
  9. Film Based Posters – £9.99+ – An ode to each film would help decorate the living room.
  10. Siriusly Ron Mug – £4.50 – Everyone needs to understand the often out there quotes from Harry Potter
  11. Harry Potter Funko Pop – £9.99 – Harry will be able to chill out next to the Harry Potter box set.
  12. Ron Weasley Funko Pop – £9.99 – Ron will look adorable alongside the rest of the Harry Potter merch.
  13. Hermione Granger Funko Pop – £9.99 – Hermione will Wingardium Leviosa up onto your bookshelf.
  14. Filthy Muggle Jumper – £19.40 – Home Alone merged with Harry Potter allows for festive jumpers.
  15. Tea Infuser – £8.00 – Get on Trelawnys good side and collect some tea leaves along with this adorable tea infuser.
  16. Tea – £12.00 – And here’s the tea… cleverly disguised as potions so no muggles will think to drink it.
  17. Typography poster – £12.00 – Sometimes Harry Potter is just really quotable and you need to hang it up…

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