Uptown Oracle Reads… The Change: Paris

The Change Paris follows Loic as he tries to save Adrian from the Impressionists. With Paris’s dark past full of culture there’s many threats throughout. The Impressionists come from the Louvre. The guillotine come alive, Madame Loisette. And then there’s the theatre known for cruelty, torture and death.

Paris: A City of Fools (The Change, #3)

The Change Paris was written in a different way to the previous two books. The main character is reiterating the story towards the readers and is quite paranoid. He won’t give names or directions to places. This put me off straight away as it made it more difficult to read and care about the character.

This book was also a lot darker than the previous two. It felt less comically weird and more creepy. The living guillotine and the La Tricoteuse were the introduction to this more horror-like vibe. Then comes the theatre that livestreams the death and torture of people. Although it was still very weird. There’s not much else I can about this book on it’s own. The series seemed to peak with the first book, and I personally think Adams should have focused on one character or a group of characters who are linked together.

I wasn’t invested in the story line or characters as I knew it was a short book and most likely wouldn’t have a complete ending. This book had the most resolved ending as Loic was trying to rescue Adrian. But throughout, it just didn’t have a plot that made me want to read. I was reading just to finish the book by the end which isn’t why I should be reading. Going in I thought that this would be a series and link together. As a whole I didn’t enjoy reading the series.

I received The Change: Paris* by Guy Adams as an e-book from the publisher via Netgalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


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