Uptown Oracle Reads… Fix Me


The new drug Fix is extremely addictive and is what Pen’s sister was on before she killed herself. As Pen tries to quit the drug, she wants to find out who the mysterious Nate is as she only see’s him in her head, why her sister killed herself and where the missing girls are going.

Fix Me

Fix Me is an extremely short and quick read. I personally feel like more could have been added to the mystery to make the book a bit bulkier, although the length isn’t that problematic. I do think that there was something missing though, which would have made the book a bit more thrilling.

Pen is our (unreliable) narrator due to excessive drug use. Fix is highly addictive, and even more so as she wants to see her imaginary friend Nate. But this means that most of the book you’re really questioning whether something is really happening, and whether it has anything to do with the actual plot. Nate feels more like a paranormal/fantasy boyfriend due to the ghostly appearances, brooding stares and cryptic conversations which felt very different to the missing girls plot line.


The antagonist of the book doesn’t appear until quite late into the book which felt off for me. The way they were uncovered as the villain and the conclusion afterwards seemed rushed. All the threads were starting to come together but it just wasn’t as well put together as other mysteries I have read.

Overall, Fix Me wasn’t a bad book but it just didn’t have the excitement that a mystery needs. I received Fix Me* by Lisa M. Cronkhite from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


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