Uptown Oracle Reads… The Futures

College sweethearts Julia and Evan move to NYC just before the 2008 financial meltdown. As they start to lead vastly different work lives, they start to spin apart. As Evan throws himself into his job and Julia reconnects with someone from her past, they find they’re both capable of betrayal.

The Futures

For the first time in a while I’ve had to DNF a book. I read 50% in and realised I was completely bored and I wasn’t seeing an improvement coming up. I’m still unsure of whether there was an actual plot or whether it was mainly going to be about Julia cheating on Evan because she’s not getting any attention

Both Evan and Julia were unlikeable characters. Their POV’s were uninteresting from the beginning. Their actions were often not thought out and just made me want to shake them. The worst part was that neither of them seemed to realise how much easier it would have been to have broken up.

Overall I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the book. If you do enjoy a more contemporary and relationship based book, this might be better for you. Also, if you don’t mind unlikeable characters you’ll probably be okay with it as well. I just personally didn’t enjoy the premise or the characters.

I received The Futures* by Anna Pitoniak as an e-book from the publisher via Netgalley. This is an unbiased and honest review.


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